3 Dangerous Auto Care Hacks to Avoid This Winter

As the winter season marches along, Trick Trucks has seen a surge of cold weather tips and hacks being passed around social media. These hacks may seem life-saving during desperate times, but it is best to always use extra caution when it comes to auto care. The following list describes what auto care hacks you should be avoiding this winter season.

auto care hacks

Using hot water to defrost your windshield

Instructional and experimental videos about using hot water to defrost windows have been all over the Internet in the last few months. These videos depict individuals attempting to melt the snow and ice from their windshields and windows with hot water.

The hack involves placing hot water in a plastic Ziploc bag, or simply pouring the hot water directly onto the glass. The heat from the water serves to quickly melt away the frost as the driver moves the plastic bag back and forth.

Although this hack might yield successful defrosting results, it can quickly turn dangerous and destructive. The rapid change in temperature can cause the windshield to crack or chip. Drivers should put their defroster on low to start and then gradually increase the temperature in order to defrost the windshield.

Misusing ice scrapers

During the winter months, your ice scraper can go through a lot – they can be broken, worn down, or even misplaced. But it is important to routinely replace your ice scraper every couple of years.

Another popular hack for drivers that do not regularly replace their ice scrapers is using household items to clean off their vehicles. These items include everything from metal spatulas, brooms, or credit cards. These makeshift ice scrapers are likely to cause more harm than good, such as scratching your windows or damaging paint.

Plastic scrapers and soft brushes are normally the best and safest option when it comes to ice removal. It is also important to remember not to use any scrapers on your vehicle’s paint – scrapers are designed to be used solely for windshields and windows.

Using fog lights when there is no fog

Most newer models have fog lights installed, which help drivers see clearly on foggy days. Many drivers have learned to use their fog lights in addition to headlights during all weather conditions, even when visibility is clear.

Using fog lights on sunny days can be dangerous and blinding to other drivers. If it is rainy or snowing, drivers should instead use their normal headlights.

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