Benefits of Headache Racks

A headache rack is a vertical rack mounted to the back of the cab behind the rear window. These racks are commonly made from strong and durable materials, such as steel and aluminum, which makes them sensible and functional.

headache racks

Protect cab and passengers

Headache racks got their name from preventing passengers from being struck in the back of the head. If the vehicle comes to a sudden stop, the protective rack will prevent tools and other materials from breaking through the rear window and injuring passengers.

Headache racks also serve to protect the truck’s cab itself. Not only does the barrier prevent the back glass from being cracked or broken, but it also prevents thieves from entering through the rear window. Many truck owners absentmindedly leave their rear window open or unlocked, which allows thieves to reach in and steal belongings. Mounting a headache rack will allow passengers to enjoy the fresh air without the risk of a break-in.

Support cargo

Many headache racks are designed to support cargo, tools, and other supplies. Tool racks and trays allow passengers to securely store materials during travel and easily access tools when needed.

Cargo stops can be installed on top of headache racks to secure cargo in place. The stops are designed to slide along the rack in order to fit any cargo size.

If you are looking for a wider load capacity, headache rack extension tubes are a great addition. Rather than leaning cargo against the rear window, the headache rack serves to secure long cargo and ladders above the window to prevent injuries.

Allow for additional safety features

While the headache rack is a safety feature in itself, the rack also allows for additional safety features. The position of the rack on the back of the cab makes it easy to mount lighting and other accessories, such as beacon lights, light bars, stroke lights, brake lights, radio antennas, and cargo stops.

Customize the look of the vehicle

The best part of installing a headache rack on your truck is it is completely customizable. The rack can be coated to color match your vehicle or you can choose any color to give your vehicle a distant look.

Headache racks come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to give your truck a more aggressive look, opt for a mesh or spider web design. Or if you are looking for a sleek addition, choose a headache rack with a simple bar design.

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