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Benefits of Backup Cameras for Your Vehicle

Backup cameras
Backup cameras are super helpful!

There are numerous benefits to vehicle backup cameras. They increase the safety of the car and truck for everyone on the road. They are so effective, in fact, that the National Highway Traffic Administration announced that all new cars must be made with backup cameras by May 2018. This is because it is estimated that over 200 deaths and 15,000 injuries occur every year due to backup crashes. Many of the fatalities involve children younger than five. To learn more about the benefits of vehicle backup cameras, read on.

The Benefits of Car And Truck Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are both a convenience feature and a safety feature. They alert drivers to any obstacles that are near the rear of the car. Often these are obscured by blind spots. On certain types of cars and trucks, such as sports cars or SUVs, these may not be visible through the rear glass at all. Backup camera technology increases safety and reduces the risk of unnecessary injury.

For Older Cars

If you have an older car that did not come with this technology built in, that doesn’t mean it is not an option for you. These are often installed as an aftermarket device, and you can get one if your car did not come with it at the start. Backup cameras reveal any people, animals, other cars, or other obstructions behind your car in order to lower your risk of injury or damaging your and other cars.


You can find backup cameras at many big box electronic stores, as well as car audio and electronic businesses. A small camera is often installed on the back bumper or license plate holder. A video recorder is then installed in a rear view mirror, or a screen that mounts to your car’s dashboard. If a video screen is already within your vehicle, the new camera can be easily integrated into it. As installation involves running wires through your car, it is best to leave it to a technician to ensure it is fully functional and does no damage to your vehicle itself.

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