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Benefits of Backup Cameras

Backup cameras
Installing a backup camera into your vehicle can help you avoid injury and property damage!

Backup cameras have been on the market for several years as an added feature for cars, vans and SUVs. These small cameras are positioned on the back panel of these vehicles and allow the driver to see behind them. But what are some benefits of backup cameras?

Blind Spots

When looking behind you for dangers, you can be distracted to what is in front of you. But with a backup camera, you are able to constantly scan your vehicle from every angle. The cameras pick up what is behind your rear bumper and can see small objects that could be obstructed by a vehicle’s blind spot.

Safety First

Backup cameras help drivers stop before hitting objects that are moving in their path. These cameras alert the driver of objects they are about to hit to avoid property damage as well as injury. They can reduce backup crashes up to 46 percent which include injuries to vulnerable people as well as objects like trash cans and parked cars. Unlike turning your head to look at the objects behind you, you may not see small objects or children running in your path. These accidents could lead to severe injury or death. By comparison, 100 percent of drivers in one study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ran over a stationary child-sized object placed behind them.

Overall Satisfaction

Drivers who were polled by AAA said backup cameras improve safety of their vehicles 80 percent and 96 percent of drivers found the technology easy to use. These cameras aren’t just used to avoid accidents. They can also be used for back-in parking spots, hitching a trailer, and parallel parking. Backup cameras allow drivers to see their vehicle from a new angle while still looking in front. It is also helpful for drivers with back and neck problems because it allows drivers to see without rotating their heads.

Backup cameras will become standard in most new vehicles by 2018. But instead of waiting to buy a new vehicle, you can have your very own backup camera installed in your current vehicle at your local Trick Trucks shop! For more information on backup cameras or to schedule your appointment, call Trick Tricks!

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