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What are the Benefits of a Remote Start for my Truck?

Remote StartIt’s cold and all signs point to it staying cold for the foreseeable future. Six more weeks of winter: that was the prediction…the sentence brought down on us by that furry little groundhog. Six more weeks of frigid temperatures. Six more weeks of snow. And six more weeks of that freezing cold commute. It seems like your truck doesn’t really warm up until you are almost to work in the morning. Sheesh! Fortunately there is a solution. A Remote Start can solve all of your problems.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Start for my Truck?

A remote starter allows you to start your truck engine with a remote control, from the comfort of your own home. Why is this beneficial? Let us count the ways…

  1. The No. 1 benefit of a remote start is comfort. Just imagine hopping into a warm truck in the morning. Wouldn’t that make your commute so much nicer? A remote start allows you to start your truck from the comfort of your home, allowing the vehicle to warm up before you ever set foot outside.
  2. Remote start also has several safety benefits as well. For starters, it makes ice and snow cleanup much easier. This helps improve visibility and makes it easier to remove snow from headlights and brake lights, making your truck more visible to other drivers, as well.
  3. Because the truck idles for several minutes before being driven, the engine oil becomes more viscous and provides better lubrication. This helps protect your engine, extending its life.
  4. Finally, a remote start helps boost your truck value.

Remote Start Installation from Trick Trucks

If you are interested in having a remote start installed in your truck, contact Trick Trucks today. We are here for you. Trick Trucks offers a wide variety of electronic interior accessories including alarms systems, remote start, and the latest in navigation systems and iPod docking stations. Best of all, our Interior Truck Accessories can be purchased in our showroom and professionally installed at any one of our twelve locations.

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