Benefits of Utility Van Bulkhead

A bulkhead is a partition located directly behind the driver and passenger seats. It is meant to separate the passenger area from the cargo area, but it also presents a variety of benefits for utility van owners.


Keep passengers and cargo safe

Each bulkhead is designed or custom-tailored to fit the make and model of the van perfectly. The partitions are commonly made from strong materials, such as steel and wire. This means that the bulkhead will not move or shift during travel.

A strong van bulkhead also means that the driver and passengers will be kept safe. Utility vans are meant to carry equipment, tools, and other supplies, but this cargo can prove dangerous to passengers if not properly secured.

A bulkhead will ensure cargo is kept separate from passengers even if the driver suddenly turns or breaks. Without a partition, the cargo is free to crash into the unprotected passengers, which can cause injury and other damages. For example, if the van suddenly stops, a loose tool might hurl forward and hit the driver or windshield.

Aids climate control

A van bulkhead is also a great way to boost climate control. The partition serves to create a smaller area for the driver and passengers that is easier to heat or cool.

Rather than circulating warm or cold air throughout the entire van and waiting for the entire vehicle to reach a comfortable temperature, you only have to wait for the passenger area to heat or cool. This will not only greatly improve the comfort of the passengers, but also shortens the amount of time wasted waiting for the temperature to regulate.

Limits driver distraction

Due to its sturdy and tightly-fitting design, many bulkheads help soundproof the van. The thick material deadens the noise coming from the cargo area for a quieter ride.

Sound deadening helps reduce driver distractions, which can in turn reduce accidents and injuries.

A piece of equipment moving or a tool falling off the wall can draw the driver’s attention away from the road. Plus, the general clatter and noise coming from the cargo area means driver’s might not be able to hear important traffic sounds, such as ambulances or police sirens.

Sound deadening also encourages drivers to focus on driving rather than the cargo. If something falls over, the driver might be tempted to reach back and pick up the item. But if the bulkhead reduces the noise, and physically prevents the driver from entering the cargo area, the driver will have to either stop the car entirely or wait until they get to their destination before fixing the cargo.

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