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Best Off-Roading Trails In Maryland

Maryland has so many beautiful beaches, landscapes, forests, and trails to offer its residents. This makes the best off-roading trails in Maryland incredibly fun for our vehicle enthusiasts.

From private to public, our state has multiple spots where you can head out on your next off-roading trip. If you are looking for a great adventure on the trails, we can provide you with the best recommended spot.


Best Off-Roading Trails In Maryland


First up, is the Meadow Mountain Trail. This wonderful trail boasts a glorious 14 miles long. It is a great one for beginners. If you are more of a seasoned off roader, we suggest checking out some of the others we have listed below. What makes this trail great is there are several access points that allow you to choose whether you want to take on longer or shorter routes. It is also an ideal spot for most types of modes of transportation. From mountain biking to snowmobiling, and regular hiking by foot, all of these activities are fun to take on here. If you are interested in bringing any off-highway vehicle, you will need to secure a permit. 


Ready to Hit the Beach?

Assateague Island Beach is next on the list. Give your beach day a whole new meaning. Take your vehicle to ride along the water and you may even spot a pony or two. Most trucks and Jeeps are accepted here as long as they are at appropriate standards for an Over-Sand Vehicle. Not sure of the guidelines? Let us give you the scoop. An OSV is a four-wheel only vehicle weighing under 10,000 pounds. It also should not be longer than 26 feet or wider than 8 feet. Perhaps the most important measure, you will want to make sure your vehicle has at least 6 inches in ground clearance to get over all that sand! 


Let’s Head West!

Next, we are going to wander over to Burkholder Road ORV Trail. This trail is also known as Backbone Mountain Trail and is around 2.7 miles long. This is definitely a place you will want to stop as it is very beautiful and well-kept. No matter if you enjoy summer or winter riding, this trail is open year-round! In the summer they allow two or four wheeled vehicles, and in the winter, get those snowmobiles out for some snow-filled fun. 


For Our Winter Friends

Piney Mountain ORV Trail is another great location. On the west-side of the trail is where you will want to go to break through some snow powder. You can partake in all of the snowmobiling you want as long as you abide by their rules. Interested in staying on wheels? Keep to the other areas of the trail and you will find wonderful views along the way. 


Let’s get you ready for the best off-roading trails in Maryland! At Trick Trucks we are happy to help out our vehicle enthusiasts any way we can. Bring us your truck, Jeep, or any other vehicle in for the most professional-level of customizations. Head over to our website or give us a call to schedule your vehicle’s appointment.