Your Guide to Choosing the Best Removable Door Options

With the start of June around the corner, there is one thing all truck owners can agree on: as the weather gets warmer, the doors come off. Most trucks and Jeeps are designed with removable Removable Doorbody components to allow for an enhanced driving experience.

The reduced weight improves fuel economy, aids visibility on the trails, and allows for better off-roading.

But, if you would prefer some level of structural protection while your factory manufactured doors are removed, learn more about these three removable door options.

Bestop Full Fabric Doors

If you are looking for versatility and protection, look no further than Bestop full fabric doors. Adjustable door pins and collars ensure a snug fit on the door frame, and double-bulb weather stripping surrounds the door to create a tight seal.

The doors are comprised of two pieces, an upper section and lower section fastened together by velcro. When the door is full length, your passengers will be fully protected from the outside elements.

If the weather permits, the upper piece of the door can be removed to act as an open window, or both pieces can be easily removed altogether.

Trail Doors

Trail doors are designed as half-doors, meaning they only offer the lower half of a door. They are constructed to slide directly onto the factory hinge, meaning there is no need to modify the latch or post.

The doors feature a hidden latch mechanism designed for secure closure while the vehicle is in motion. The frame is constructed from steel plate panels, complete with durable nylon web door inserts to add a second level of protection against debris.

Trail doors are a good choice if you are looking to boost your off-roading experience without risking injury or security.

Tube Doors

Tube doors are similar to trail doors in terms of height but differ in regard to protection.

Rather than consisting of a complete screen of material, a tube door offers an open design featuring powder-coated aluminum.

These doors come configured in one-piece, meant for a swing-out design to allow passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle.

Tube doors are designed to connect passengers with the outdoors as there is limited protection from the elements.

Although this design may not protect passengers, it certainly protects the vehicle itself from the harsh elements. The aluminum easily withstands rain, mud, rust, salt, and other corrosive materials found on the road or trails.

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