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Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment?

Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment?
Every car needs to have its wheels aligned to improve overall performance.

Every car needs to have its wheels aligned to improve overall performance. If you feel like one side of your ride is heavier than the other when you’re speeding down the highway, it could be a sign that your wheels and suspensions are no longer properly aligned.

Your Steering Wheel Is Crooked

It’s important that the steering wheel is as straight as possible. A crooked steering wheel could make maneuvering your car or truck more difficult than it needs to be. Take a look at your steering wheel the next time you get in your car. If you think that the steering wheel isn’t centered, then it’s time to get your wheels aligned.

Steering Wheel Doesn’t Recenter

Making a safe turn can be tricky with an aging vehicle. That doesn’t mean that your high-mileage car is too old to continue driving safely. But another sign you need a wheel alignment is when you make a turn, and the steering wheel doesn’t automatically tilt back towards the center.

The Tires Are Too Worn

In the summer heat, it’s even more important to make sure that your tires are in good condition. Make sure they are properly inflated and aren’t too worn down. By looking at the tires, you mechanic can deduce what, if anything, is wrong with the tires and their pressure levels. Whenever you schedule your next tire rotation, your mechanic should be able to get a closer look at how your tires are doing. When you can get an alignment done, you can make sure that each tire will last longer, and that you won’t need a spare anytime soon.

It Doesn’t Handle Well

How a car or truck handles is an essential part of measuring how easy it is to drive. A car that is difficult to drive isn’t just a frustrating headache; it can also put you and other drivers in danger. Two clear signs that something is wrong with the car’s alignment are when you are turning around corners, and the car feels looser than usual. The other indicator is when the vehicle starts to list when you are driving straight ahead. Either way, as soon as you become aware that your handling is off, you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

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