Trailer Hitches

Choose Some New Trailer Hitches

Pulling a trailer behind your truck is nearly impossible without a sturdy trailer hitch. If you’re looking for some new trailer hitches before your next haul, then here are some possibilities for you to consider. Which one strikes your fancy first? That’s an important question to answer.

Rear Receiver

Most of the time, when you get a new trailer hitch, it will be one of these. You can use these trailer hitches to pull a trailer behind your pickup truck. You can also use them to help organize bike racks, foldable steps, and extra cargo that you are hauling. The receiver has a square-shaped tube that accepts many different plug-ins. These trailer hitches got right onto the back bumper of your vehicle.

Front Mount

The main difference between the rear receiver and the front mount is visible in the name. Take a minute and think about it: front mount means you can attach it to the front bumper instead of the back. Anything you can connect to a front mount trailer hitch, however, can’t interfere with your view of the road. That said, you can install a winch, a snowplow, or a spare tire, among other things. Front mount trailer hitches are different sizes than their rear mount counterparts and as such have different rating systems that you will need to consider when looking to buy one.

Fifth Wheel

Sometimes, you need more hauling capacity. That’s where fifth wheel trailers hitches come into the picture. When you need one, mount it in the bed of your truck; alternatively, you can connect it to a spot right before the rear axle meets the rest of the undercarriage. The coupling is a component of the hitch itself and not the trailer that you are looking to pull behind you. If you know you are going over rough terrain, then fifth wheel trailer hitches are the right choice to make. Their improved shock protection will help shield your cargo from the jolts of potholes or uneven dirt roads.


You can also choose a gooseneck trailer hitch. The first thing you should know about them is that they’re similar to fifth wheel hitches. However, they aren’t as bulky or obtrusive. Plus, you can use all of your truck bed while towing something. There’s something to be said about that ability.

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