Choosing Commercial Tool Boxes: What’s Best for Your Business?

Commercial Tool Boxes

Commercial trucks and tools go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you have tools for commercial work, you need a place to securely store your tools and save space. Trick Truck toolboxes are a sturdy and secure place to keep your tools out of sight and protected from harsh weather conditions. The hardest part of choosing commercial tool boxes for your truck is deciding on the style. Read on below to learn more about the different styles you can choose for your commercial tool box from Trick Trucks.

Why A Commercial Tool Box?

Modern non-commercial toolboxes are predominantly plastic or metal. While plastic is a lightweight material, plastic isn’t built for durability. Not only that, but plastic toolboxes can’t hold as much as a metal toolbox. As commercial tool boxes, a plastic toolbox just won’t do the job as you need a durable, adaptable toolbox that can support the demands you place upon it. Below, we’ll cover the different types of commercial tool boxes.

Cross style

Also known as the crossover toolbox, this is one of the most common styles for commercial toolboxes due to its convenience. These are installed behind the cab, spanning across the vehicle’s width, but don’t go down to the floor of the bed. This style crosses over from one side of the bed rails to the other and has a single lid that opens and closes. Since it doesn’t go all the way to the floor of the bed, it leaves room for objects underneath the toolbox.

Chest Tool Boxes

This style goes behind the cab on the truck bed floor but doesn’t rise above the sides of the bed. If you have a standard tonneau, this style allows the toolbox to fit underneath. One disadvantage to this toolbox style is that it does take up some floor space on the bed. An advantage of chest toolboxes is that they don’t obstruct your vision when looking out the window or in the rearview mirror.

Side Box

These toolboxes attach to the bedrails in the cargo area. They extend down to the bed but don’t reach the floor of the bed. These toolboxes are easy to access when standing next to the truck; you don’t even have to jump into the bed.

Top Mounted Boxes

Instead of extending downward into the bed area, this type of commercial toolbox sits on the bed rails and extends upward. Top-mounted toolboxes make it easy to access your tools and don’t take up any space in the bed of your truck. However, one major disadvantage is that they create blind spots that make it difficult to see if there are vehicles behind you before you switch lanes.

We Have The Right Commercial Tool Boxes For Your Business

You’ve come to the right place if you need a commercial toolbox for your truck. Contact our professionals at Trick Trucks to learn more about the commercial toolboxes we offer. Our crew can ensure that your box will fit into your truck and hold your tools.