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Choosing the Right Trailer Hitch for your Truck

tow hitch on truck
A tow hitch is the perfect accessory for your truck this summer.

During the summer, truck owners have the advantage of towing everything from boats to trailers. Finding the right truck accessory like a trailer hitch, however, can be more difficult than most people realize. Not all trailer hitches are created equal, so, how then do you find the right trailer hitch for your truck?

Finding Trailer Hitches

When you start planning on buying a trailer hitch, you need to a do a little research on your truck’s towing capabilities. In the owners manual you will be able to find the exact tongue weight and gross trailer weight that your vehicle is capable to tow. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your vehicle, and you also don’t want to worry about your trailer breaking off from a trailer hitch. If you have a difficult time figuring this information out, a company that specializes in truck accessories can help you identify the right trailer hitch for your specific truck.

Gross Trailer Weight

There is a lot to know with truck accessories, so it is important to nail down some of the lingo. If you’re transporting a trailer, you will need to know the amount gross trailer weight that your truck can tow. Gross trailer weight is calculated by the total mass of a fully loaded trailer plus fluid and cargo. You can figure out the weight by using a commercial scale.

Trailer Tongue Weight

When determining the trailer tongue weight, you use the downward weight applied by the equipment on the hitch ball. You can actually measure the tongue weight by using a bathroom scale, so this is a fairly easy step in determining the appropriate weight that can be towed using your trailer hitch.

Truck Towing Capacity

Your truck’s manual should indicate the specific amount that your truck can safely tow. Never push the limits to see how much your truck can tow. The manual outlines specific weights for a reason. Trailer hitches are available in five different weight classes, and each weight class shows the recommended weight for tongue weight and gross trailer weight.

Trick Trucks

In the long run, it pays to work with experts who care about your truck and who will help you find the right trailer hitch for your towing needs. If you’re searching for more information on trailer hitches, please contact Trick Trucks today by calling 1-866-60 TRICK or click here! We have been working with trucks and their drivers since 1974, and we have all of the answers and accessories you need. We also invite you to explore our other Exterior Truck Accessories while you’re here.