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Custom Commercial Shelving Units

Custom work can shelving units
Custom shelving units for your work van will help with your employees stay on track!

When it comes to your family business, one of the most important assets you own is your work van. Your work van takes you to meetings, appointments, and contains everything you need on a day-to-day basis. But when you van is this important, shouldn’t you get your van more organized than just storing things on the floor? Well, we have just the thing to get your work van organized: a custom shelving unit. But why choose a shelving unit for your van? Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Get Organized

Your new commercial van shelving unit will help you and your employees stay organized while on the road. The tools and parts that are an intricate part of your business will be easily accessible and on display for quick access.

Save Time and Money

If your employees cannot find a part or a tool, they may reorder the part. But if your van is organized and parts are easily accessible, you can save the time and money it will take to reorder these things. When things are visible, your employees won’t waste time searching for items that are scattered. All of your tools, parts, and accessories are in one place and easily labeled so they can be found quickly.


Once your van is organized your employees won’t have to be embarrassed to have new employees train with them or customers see inside their vehicle. Clients will love the neat rows and shelves of products. This will give your clients the knowledge that you care about your items as much as you care about your customers.

Custom Shelving

These shelves can be custom made to fit your business. Choose from shelves or drawers to contain your supplies and tools. Every business has its own specifications and systems that need to be stored in your van. But with these units, you will be able to fit all of your equipment inside the van as stay organized while out on your jobs.

Help your employees stay organized and on time with a custom van shelving unit installed by your local Trick Trucks representative!

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