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Conduit Carriers & your Commercial Truck

Are you a contractor, plumber, or other service professional? If so, are you tired of hauling conduit? It takes up precious cargo space, space you could be utilizing in other ways. There has to be a better solution! Well, there is.

A Conduit Carrier is the perfect addition to your truck ladder rack.

You already know about the benefits of a ladder rack. A truck ladder rack gives you the cargo room needed to haul those extra-long loads, while also minimizing the risk you pose to other drives. Well a conduit carrier can add even more functionality to your ladder rack!

Benefits of Conduit Carriers

  • A conduit carrier helps you maximize your truck‚Äôs storage space.
  • Conduit carriers are fully enclosed, ensuring your conduit, pipe, or tuning is well protected from the elements.
  • A conduit carrier features a spring up rear door, allowing you to easily load and unload conduit.
  • Conduit carriers are durable and built to last.

No longer will you have to haul conduit, pipes, tuning, or other objects in your truck bed. Your new conduit carrier securely fastens these objects conveniently overhead on your ladder rack.

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