A Custom Built Jeep Sets You Apart

The value of a Jeep comes from its dependability but also the unique touches that owners give their vehicles to give their Jeep some charm and personality. The best way to spruce up your Jeep is with some upgrades and modifications. Below are a few ways that a custom built Jeep sets you apart and how Trick Trucks can help.

Custom Built Jeep

More Functionality

A custom-built Jeep adds more functions than you would have if you stayed with a standard model. While the parts a Jeep has are there to help you, sometimes it helps to have a little more. If you’re the type to go off-road, you might need something to ensure that you can get yourself out of a sticky situation.

It Stands Out

Another reason people prefer custom vehicles is that they don’t want their Jeep to look like every other Jeep in existence. Not only does a custom-built Jeep make it easier to find the vehicle you’re coming back to it, but customizing it also makes the vehicle an extension of you and your personality.

What Trick Trucks Offers

Trick Trucks offers ways to help make your Jeep stand out and uniquely yours. Whether you’re looking for bug shields, floor mats, or something completely different, Trick Trucks has what you need.


While all vehicles come with bumpers that provide some degree of protection, we design our bumpers to protect you from the challenges you come across when you’re off-roading. It only makes sense to protect your vehicle by upgrading your bumpers to keep up with your lifestyle. We have many materials and styles to choose from, so you always look your best.


If you haul heavy loads or go off-road, not having the right suspension makes for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. You need the proper suspension to give you stability and extra security no matter where you take your Jeep. A custom-built Jeep with a Trick Trucks suspension uses an airbag system that helps prevent head bumps, smooths out your ride, and reduces the chance of damaged cargo.


If you go off-road, you know how difficult it is to get out of a ditch or a patch of mud. There’s often nobody around for miles, and you’re not likely to get the best cell signal. We offer two types of winches, hydraulic or electric, and we mount the winch to your front bumper. A hydraulic winch will run as long as your engine is running. The electric winch doesn’t have power for continuous use as it’s powered by the electrical system and provides five minutes of pulling power even with a dead engine.

When you’re choosing how you want your custom-built Jeep to look and function, we’re here to help. We can help you select the right accessories that you have in mind and fit your lifestyle. Contact Trick Trucks today to make your Jeep a custom-built Jeep that suits your needs and reflects who you are.