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Custom Commercial Van Interiors to fit your Business Needs

Custom Commercial Van InteriorsYou worked very hard to form your own business, whether plumbing, HVAC, home improvement, or whatever. You work in a very specialized field, an industry that the average homeowner knows nothing (or next to nothing) about. So why does your van look like any other van? This not only looks unprofessional, but can be a nightmare in terms of organization. Stop digging through piles of parts, tools, and trash to find that one specialized tool you need to complete the job. You need to customize your commercial van interior to fit your specialized needs.

Custom Commercial Van Interiors to fit your Business Needs


Plumbers, HVAC technicians, and home improvement contractors have A LOT of tools, tools they need for almost each and every job: meters, measuring tapes, wrenches, screw drivers, saws, etc. As you can imagine, this can clutter up the back of your work van pretty quickly. Customizing your commercial van with shelving will not only help eliminate pointless clutter, but it will help you stay more organized, which will, in turn, help improve efficiency. Ca-ching! The quicker you work, the more jobs you can complete, the more money you make. That’s what we like to call a win-win!

Visual Appeal

At some point in your life, your mother probably too you aside and gave you a very long lecture that went something like this; “Don’t judge a book by its cover. It is what’s on the inside that counts.” Well, your mother was half right. While human beings will ALWAYS form first opinions based on their first visual interactions with a person, place, or thing – like your commercial van – what you have on the inside can also make a big difference. So what do your customers see when you roll up to their home or job site and open those van doors? Will they see clutter and chaos? Or will they see a beautiful, custom interior? The choice is yours.

Custom Commercial Van Interiors from Trick Trucks

Trick Trucks has the parts and accessories you need to fully customize your commercial van. For over 30 years, Trick Trucks has been helping businesses, like yours, customize their commercial vehicles. Let us help you! Our professional sales staff is here to guide you through our extensive product selection.

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