Guide To Custom Ordering A New Car

As a devoted Trick Trucks customer, it only makes sense that you are interested in custom ordering a new car. Custom ordering a new car is the perfect solution for any car lover that is not willing to compromise on what they want. If you are interested in custom ordering a new car from a dealership, here is everything you need to know.

custom ordering new car

No shortage of personalization

It can be devastating to learn that no local dealership has your dream car in stock. Or worse, it shows up on their website and when you make the trip out or call for a test drive, another buyer got to it first.

Rather than buying a similar vehicle that does not fit all of your criteria, drivers can custom order a vehicle to get exactly what they want. Buyers can choose a variety of different packages and features, including color, seat material, entertainment, or trim level.

Be prepared for a slightly longer buying process

If you are interested in custom ordering a vehicle, be prepared to wait. When buying from a dealership, individuals are used to driving the vehicle off the lot the very same day. With custom orders, it could take anywhere from eight weeks to three months for your vehicle to arrive, depending on where it is being manufactured and shipped from.

Waiting three months for a vehicle can be a difficult concept for anyone to wrap their head around, especially if the buyer is ready for a new vehicle right now. The key to custom ordering is planning ahead.

Once you know how long the vehicle will take to get to you, plan to purchase the vehicle when your current lease is ending. Or put your old car on the market a few weeks before the delivery date. This will ensure you are not left vehicle-less while waiting for your customized car to arrive.

Do not be afraid to negotiate the price

When custom ordering a vehicle from the dealership, do not be afraid to negotiate on price. The negotiation process is the same as if you were buying a vehicle off the lot. Compare your price to other dealers in the area and do your research to find out what others are paying.

It is important to check in with the dealership to see if there are any incentives on that particular make or model. This can end up saving you just as much money as if you were buying a used vehicle.

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