Customize Your Commercial Vehicles With These Functional Features

Commercial trucks and vans were designed for the working class. Although commercial vehicles were built with efficiency and storage in mind, their appearance and functionality should not have to suffer as a result. All of us here at Trick Trucks believe work can be fun too, which is why we outfit and customize commercial vehicles to fit all the needs of its driver and crew.

Customize Commercial Vehicle

Ladder Racks

With new contracts and destinations, you never know what the day holds for you. As a commercial driver, it is important to always be prepared for any work environment you may encounter.

Mounting a ladder rack to the top of your commercial truck or van enhances functionality by allowing ladders and other materials to be secured to the outside of the vehicle during transit.

The main advantage to ladder racks is the ability to always be fully equipped without giving up valuable space within the vehicle.

Fuel Tanks & Toolboxes

Attempting to keep your gas tank full can be difficult when you are constantly moving from one work site to the next. Supplemental fuel tanks can be a great addition to your commercial vehicle if you need to increase your fuel capacity.

Installing an additional tank serves to extend your trips further and provide a reserve of fuel for equipment. For those of you who prefer multi functional accessories, fuel tank toolboxes are also available.

In addition to the fuel tank on the lower half, the versatile tank comes with a built-in toolbox on the top. A fuel tank toolbox is a perfect solution for any trades person that wants to maximize the space and functionality of their commercial vehicle.

Custom Shelving

Not every commercial vehicle is the same, which is why Trick Trucks offers state of the art custom van shelving. While this may seem like a difficult and dreadful task, our experienced technicians will handle all the details and measurements.

In any building or structure, there is bound to be shelves to hold belongings or valuables. So, it only makes sense for a commercial vehicle to possess custom shelving units.

After all, the main purpose of a commercial vehicle is to accommodate a range of tools and equipment. Shelving systems allow for materials to be organized and kept safely in place inside the vehicle.

Without custom shelving, materials would be able to freely move and shift about, which could not only damage expensive tools but become dangerous to the driver and passengers.

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