Customizing an Old Truck

Customizing an old truck can be a very fun hobby to either tackle by yourself, with some friends, or as a father and son activity. You can turn an old, beat up pickup into a tricked out truck that will make your friends jealous. But where do you start? Restoring a pickup can be a tough, time-consuming task.

But there is hope. This article from can help. It explains each step you need to take to ensure your truck comes out the way you had envisioned.

1. Take a “before” pictures of your old truck’s interior and exterior. Load the pictures into a computer and print out several copies in black and white; lighten the image to a gray scale. Use these digital images and gray print outs to test out different customization options for your old truck.

2. Complete a thorough check for rust. Inspect the old truck’s under carriage, under the hood, around the doors (especially the hinges) and around the bumpers. If you find rust, bring the truck to a body specialist for repairs. Rust spreads and can ruin the old truck body.

3. Hire a mechanic -one who specializes in old truck restoration – to inspect the truck for mechanical issues and oil leaks, if you don’t have experience with engine rebuilding. It is fairly common to find oil leaks in an old truck, especially trucks that have been left sitting or not running for a while. Oil leaks that build up on engine parts can catch fire when the engine is hot and running.

4. Make a customization plan for your old truck. Think about the paint schemes and colors for both the exterior and interior of your old truck.

5. Sketch, photograph, paint or draw your ideas for customizing your old truck’s paint job. Be sure that you know the exact colors that you desire – different lighting affects a color’s look. Hire a professional to paint your old truck and/or add the designs that you desire.

6. Select and order all the accessories that you desire to add to you old truck. Chrome accessories are popular; for instance, chrome rims with chrome caps, chrome fenders, chrome steering wheels and chrome mirror covers.

7. Decide whether the current seat and interior material is in good enough condition to clean and keep. If not, choose to either use covers on the seats or have the material on the seats and interior replaced.

8. You will probably need the help of a professional while customizing your old truck to make sure the repairs and parts replacement are done with the utmost efficiency, especially if this kind of project is new to you.

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