Ending the Debate on Dealership vs. Body Shops

The automotive industry is no stranger to misconceptions and negative stereotypes. The truth of the matter is that automotive professionals only want the best for you and your vehicle. A vehicle is one of the most important possessions an individual can own, so it is important to always take the care of it. To do so, owners need to learn the difference between fact and fiction about these three common misconceptions.

body shops

Body shop technicians are not as qualified as dealership technicians

This misconception is entirely not true. In fact, body shop technicians have the same level of experience and training, if not more, as those working in a dealership. A majority of technicians have attended and trained at trade school, technical school, or community college. Within these programs, individuals gain a strong foundation of auto repair through hands-on training. Once they have finished their program, the learning does not end there. Technicians are required to receive ongoing training as standards and procedures change once new yearly models are released.

Only a dealership can repair your vehicle

Many car owners are under the impression that they have to get their vehicle serviced at the dealership they purchased it from. Mechanics that work at dealerships have extensive knowledge and experience with the brands in which they sell. Mechanics at body shops have extensive knowledge and experience about all makes and models.

Not only do body shop mechanics have the ability to work on your vehicle but have the resources and hardware to do so. Trick Trucks has a fully functioning shop, complete with all the necessary tools and equipment to serve the widest range of vehicles. Plus, our parts selection and database is unparalleled – we offer a full lineup of parts and accessories at discounted prices.

Body shops only care about making money

The worst misconception in the automotive industry is that automotive professionals only care about making money. Trick Trucks is proud to say all of our technicians are passionate about the work they do. The goal of our company is to make our customers dreams a reality, whatever that may be.

While dealerships are sale-oriented, all of us at Trick Trucks are customer service-oriented. We do not base our vision off simply making money, we base company values on providing superior services and exceptional custom installations. We are only happy when our customers are happy with our work.

Trick Trucks Has the Answers to All Your Vehicle Care Questions

If you want to upgrade your vehicle, then come to see us at Trick Trucks. We are happy to make sure your truck is in great condition and is looking fresh all year round.

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