Different Types of Front Grills

The front grill plays an important role in the protection and function of the vehicle. Aside from protecting the engine from road debris, the front grill serves to allow air to safely enter in order to cool down the radiator. If you are looking for an aftermarket grill that will not forfeit style or efficiency, consider these following front grills options.

front grills

Billet Grill

Billet grills are commonly built from either high-stock aluminum or steel. The high-quality material serves to provide your vehicle with an extra layer of protection while adding a polished finish.

Each billet grill is custom-made – designed to fit your exact year, make, and model. This also means that your billet grill can be customized to enhance your vehicle’s overall style. Some owners opt for a traditional design, consisting of horizontal or vertical bars. While others choose specialized designs and patterns, such as spider web, flames, or punch.

Mesh Grill

When it comes down to it, the front grill is one of the most defining features of your vehicle. If you want a grill that sets your vehicle apart from the other models, a mesh grill can do just that.

Although simple, a mesh grill gives any truck or car a sought after aggressive look. Mesh grills are crafted from aluminum, steel, or ABS plastic. For an additional choice, drivers can decide whether a polished metal, chrome trim, or matte black finish best suits their style.

The mesh patterns can be created as one piece or by bonding separate strands of material together. The patterns are classified as fine or heavy, depending on the closeness of the openings. Fine mesh offers tightly knit strands, while heavy mesh has larger openings within the weaves.

LED Grills

For those looking to add even more functionality, an LED grill is the perfect addition to the front of your vehicle. LED grills come in a variety of different light patterns and styles. This attractive addition gives any vehicle an extra boost of light when off-roading or in hazardous weather conditions.

The LED lights come in the form of a light bar or can be placed individually between vertical bars. Either way, the LED fixture eliminates the need for a separate light bar entirely.

Many vehicle owners tend to associate LED grills with decorative studs. The decorative studs around the perimeter, or across the center area of the grill, gives the vehicle a sense of utility and strength.

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