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Digging Out After Snowmageddon 2016

Snow removal tips
Need to start digging your car out of the snow? We’ve got some tips for you!

As our friendly winter storm Jonas moves into the area, the entire east coast is battening down for the long weekend ahead. But once the snow stops, do you know what the proper procedure is for digging out your car? Let’s check out some tips on getting your vehicle ready for next week.

Finding Your Car

When everything is covered in two feet of snow, it can be hard to locate your vehicle. So when parking your car, try to park it in the same spot you always park in for easy locating. Try to park as close as possible to the main road or a road that will be well plowed before the weekend is over. If your street is always the last one to be plowed, park your car on another street for easy maneuvering.

Gathering Snow Gear

Sometimes a simple ice scraper just won’t cut it for getting the snow off your car. But using a shovel can scrape your car or even break your glass. So how do you clear off your car without causing damage? Clean your car off using a feathered, soft bristle broom to remove as much snow as possible. Once most of the snow has been pushed off, use an ice scraper to remove the rest. Make sure to dress warmly when removing the snow or doing any type of outdoor work in the snow.

Digging Out

When digging out your car, it is important to be as careful as possible. Do not lift with your back as it could cause injury. Try pushing the snow instead of lifting to avoid injury. Start cleaning the snow by digging around the wheels and the sides of your car, concentrating on the driver’s side.

The Car

After major blizzards, make sure to check that there isn’t any snow under your engine compartment. If there is snow under the hood, open it and remove the snow. Make sure to dry the spark plug wires and leave the hood open to leave everything dry out. You should also check the tailpipe for snow. Exhaust could flow into the car’s interior if the pipes are not cleared so before starting it up, check them. As you clear off your car, turn it on the heat the engine and turn on the defrosters. This will help clear things off and to make it warm when you get in to go to work.

With these tips and lots of hot chocolate, it is sure to be a good blizzard. Be safe and enjoy this time with your friends and family!

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