Does Your Jeep Need a Bumper and Winch Mount?

Do you spend your weekends crawling your Jeep over steep rocks? Maybe you take it diving through the muddiest terrains! Whichever it is, you’ll want to have a winch mount installed.


winch mountTypically a bumper and winch kit will include the mounting plate, the rope and cable, wiring package, and hardware for installation. 


Do You Take It Off-Road?


Does your Jeep go more places than just the highway? If you’re cruising all types of hills and trails, you may want to consider this combo. This goes for all Jeep owners. Whether it’s your first time getting your tires dirty or you’re looking for extra protection, a bumper and winch combination is a great addition. These kits are a must-have for anyone taking on the trails of different types of terrain.




When it comes to choosing the type of bumper and winch mount, you’ll want to pick out something that has the ability to be durable and long lasting. The front end of a vehicle of a Jeep is where a lot of impact may happen, so you’ll want to have a superior front-end made of steel that is at least 3/16 or better. This will be mounted right in the center of your front bumper so you also need to choose one with a protective finish that can withstand dirt, dents, and everything else. Polyurethane is recommended as it is a coating that can last through all terrains.


Heavy Duty


Bumper and winch mounts can have various weights depending on the type that you get. Their holding capacity can range from about 3,000 lbs. to 17,000 lbs. It is a pretty impressive tool to have alongside you during your off-roading adventures. You’ll have a peace of mind knowing that the mount can help pull you or others out of any sticky situations. If you are concerned with additional weight to your Jeep, you may want to opt for a mount that has a thick rope instead of cable. Cable tends to be a bit heavier, is your best bet if the overall weight is not as much of a concern. 


Looking To Get Off-Road Ready?


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