Bed Liners

Drop-In vs. Spray-On Bed Liners

The purpose of a bed liner is to protect the inside of your truck bed from damages. One of our most frequently asked questions from customers is whether drop-in or spray-on bed liners are better. But the truth is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Instead, truck owners should consider which bed liner best fits their needs.

linersIn an effort to help our clients determine whether a drop-in or spray-on bed liner is best for their truck, we have compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages for both options.


A drop-in bed liner is a hard plastic sheet that sits directly on top of your truck bed. They are most commonly made from polyethylene composite, which means they are generally inexpensive when compared to other bed liners.

The best part about drop-in bed liners is truck owners are able to both install and remove the liner by themselves – you do not need any special tools or professional installation.

Once installed, the liner not only protects the truck from dents and dings, but also serves to protect the cargo being loaded and unloaded. The plastic material allows cargo to easily glide, which is great for loading, but could be dangerous if the items start sliding around the truck bed on the road.

The liner is designed to contour to the shape of your truck’s make and model. If you choose a universal liner or one that does not match your vehicle, the liner could scuff your paint or become loose during travel.

Another potential problem when dealing with drop-in bed liners is the chance of water and debris getting trapped underneath the liner, which could lead to rust problems.


A spray-on bed liner is a permanent solution to protecting your truck bed. That means truck owners need to be absolutely sure of their decision before purchasing a spray-on.

The spray-on coating is typically comprised of polyurethane and polyurea, and must be professionally applied using specialized equipment. Since the liner needs to be professionally installed, this is the more expensive option. If the spray is not done accurately and carefully, there are a variety of problems that could arise.

Unlike drop-in liners, this liner is adhered directly to the truck bed, it will not crack, warp, or shift. It also means there is no chance of water or debris from collecting between truck and liner.

Drivers can match the color of the liner to their truck, but the liner has been known to fade over time due to UV rays.

A spray-on bed liner has a textured surface, which helps objects stay in place during travel. This texture can also be painful for drivers when kneeling to work in the truck bed.

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