Do I Need ECCO Lights for My Commercial Vehicles?

For many trade businesses, the companies commercial van and truck is their office. It is important to keep the vehicle clean and organized, but it is even more important to keep your commercial vehicle safe.

As you travel down the road, it is commonplace to see stickers that read, “Safety is our goal.” To make this goal a reality, it is crucial to make the necessary changes for maximum safety.

By installing ECCO emergency lights, you can ensure the safety of both yourself, customers, workers, and your commercial vehicle.

ECCO emergency lights are meant to increase the visibility of your commercial vehicle. The lights can be installed virtually anywhere on the vehicle, with the choice between solid lights or strobe lights.

The lights come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from beacons to bars.  The warning lights serve to provide visual warnings in order protect commercial vehicles and passengers both on the road and on job sites.

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Passenger Safety

Unlike highway construction crews, commercial vehicles and their passengers do not have the luxury of reduced speeds and patrol units. When tradesmen are on the job, they rely on ECCO emergency lights to notify other drivers to slow down and continue with caution.

Without ECCO lights, other drivers may assume the vehicle and crew are out of commission. This ignorance can lead to injury or worse.

Vehicle Safety

How many times have you been riding down a busy street, only to be suddenly surprised by a car door opening in front of your vehicle? Now imagine how often commercial vehicles are opened every time the passengers need a new tool or device.

Commercial vehicle owners can save themselves time and money with precautionary safety measures. Other drivers will take the ECCO emergency lights as visual warnings to slow down and be aware of possible unexpected movements.

The only downside of an office on the road is the constant change in location. It is nearly impossible to know exactly where the day is going to take you, so it is important to be ready for every possible scenario. An unpaved one-way road?

A busy intersection in the middle of town? No matter where your vehicle ends up, you will have the peace of mind that comes with ECCO emergency lighting systems.

Just like hazard lights, emergency lights communicate to other drivers that your vehicle is parked and to keep a safe distance when passing.

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