Stylish Exterior Truck Accessories Built for Function

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the time spent in the driver seat is bound to increase. This year, treat yourself and your truck to the endless possible accessories that Trick Truck ‘s can provide. Our all-encompassing database of parts serves to provide customers with stylish exterior truck accessories that are good for more than just their looks.

If you are looking to revamp your truck with purpose and aesthetic in mind, here are some of the many modifications our technicians can install.

Grill Guard

If you are looking to give your truck an aggressive customized look, discover the wonders of a grill guard. A grill guard provides your truckExterior Truck Accessories with heavy duty front-end defense, including protection from scrapes or damages from degrading elements.

In some cases, the guard may even protect your bumper and headlights in the event of a low-impact front collision. To further increase the safety of your vehicle, most grill guards allow truck owners to include additional light mounts.

Whether you want to install additional fog lights, driving lights, or auxiliary lights for off-roaring, grill guards give drivers the versatility needed to give their truck the desired aggressive look

Running Boards

Due to the higher average height of a truck, we highly recommend installing running boards. The original purpose of running boards is to make entering and exiting a vehicle easy. While static running boards are stationary and fixed in place, power running boards fold out when the door is opened, but otherwise stay hidden to keep out of harm’s way when off-roading.

In addition to adding a new customized look to your truck, it also improves the lifespan of your interior upholstery. Rather than sliding on and off the seats, passengers can simply step down, which avoids the general wear and tear.

The sizing of boards differs based on preference; you can choose either cab length or wheel to wheel. We have in-house mechanics with years of experience to accurately measure your vehicle and complete the installation of your running boards.

Roof-Mounted Light Bar

We all know that a roof-mounted LED light bar gives a truck or jeep a certain sporty look, but did you know the real purpose behind these lamps? Light bars should be used when off-roading, or in snow or dust storms, to give drivers better visibility, leading to safer and easier travel.

There are two distinct beam patterns for light bars: spot or flood. A spot pattern illuminates the road for long distance, while a flood pattern offers a broader field of vision. Ask your local Trick Truck technician what LED light bar is best for your vehicle.

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If you want to upgrade your vehicle, or find out what exterior truck accessories we have, then come to see us at Trick Trucks. We are happy to make sure your truck is in great condition and is looking fresh all year round.

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