Do I Need Floor Mats For My Vehicle?

The answer is simple: yes, you need floor mats for your vehicle. It is the same reason you put a shower mat in your bathroom or a doormat in front of your front door.

These mats serve to protect your property from the damages of foot traffic.

Floor mats in a vehicle serve the same purpose, to protect your vehicle from the dirt and grime of the outside world tracked in by your footwear.

floor mats


Think about all the dirt, mud, snow, water, and grass you trek through every day. Now think about how essentially all of those elements are being transferred into your vehicle as soon as you step in the door.

With the help of floor mats, drivers can prevent their footwear from ruining their vehicles. Rather than staining the carpet or wearing down the upholstery, allow the floor mat to take on the abuse and neglect of your foot traffic.


Due to their removable design, floor mats allow drivers to easily keep their vehicle clean. Without a floor mat, drivers are forced to hand scrub and vacuum their car’s interior upholstery.

But, imagine how much easier it will be to simply remove the floor mat, wipe them down with a rag or rinse them off with a hose.

Plus, rather than being car-less for the rest of the day while your car’s carpet dries, drivers can simply leave the floor mats to air-dry and be on their way.


By protecting against stains and deterioration, floor mats are helping to preserve the value of your vehicle.

Each spot of discoloration, tear, or flaw in your vehicle’s floor upholstery means another percentage knocked off the total value of your vehicle.

Owners will soon realize that the price of not having floor mats will quickly surpass any cost of purchasing and install floor mat.

Remember, it is notably cheaper to replace floor mats then it is to replace upholstery.


At Trick Trucks, everything from wood grain dash kits to fabric seat covers is customizable, especially floor mats.

All interior products can be purchased in our showroom and can be professionally installed at all of our eleven locations.

All of us at Trick Trucks believe mats need to be customized to perfectly fit their intended vehicle, because without, it can be extremely dangerous.

Imagine driving down the road, when your ill-fitting floor mat slides underneath your brake pedal, prohibiting your ability to brake properly.

This situation is any driver’s worst nightmare but can easily be avoided with custom fit and professionally installed floor mats.

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