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Fog versus Driving Lights: Do You Know the Different?

Fog and Driving lights
Adding aftermarket lights onto your vehicle can give you additional safety as well as visibility.

Traditional headlights often reflect off of fog, snow, and dust particles in the air and can cause a glare, confusing the drivers so they are unable to see properly. Unlike traditional headlights, fog and driving lights are used when inclement weather hinders your visibility. So let’s take a look at these special lights to decide which kind would work best for your car or truck!

Fog Lights

Fog lights were developed to use during thick fogs and other conditions when visibility is severely limited. They are separate from standard headlights and can be installed aftermarket. The lights of these headlights are uniquely shaped. They are flat and wide while traditionally headlights are rounded. Fog slights are usually installed on or near the front bumper. Fog lights are not just useful in fog and mist; they can also be used in places with significant dust and snow. These lights will help drivers avoid obstacles in the road that could be hidden by these elements like wildlife, fallen branches, and other hazards.

Driving Lights

Driving lights are even stronger than fog lights. They are a narrow, straight beam of light that are installed on the front of your car, truck, or SUV. These lights are typically white since white lights are the most powerful. Driving lights can be used with regular high beam headlights in order to see on dark and deserted roads. They are designed to send powerful beams ahead of the driver and illuminate the road far ahead. These lights should be wired into the high beams. Just like your high beams, they should never be engaged around other drivers as they could distract or temporarily blind others on the road.

There are many different types of additions and aftermarket modifications you can make to your car, truck, and SUV. Fog and driving lights are one of the best modifications for your vehicles as it adds another layer of safety for you and other drivers on the road. For more information on having your fog or driving lights professionally installed, call your local Trick Trucks location today!

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