Window Tinting

Some Fun Facts About Window Tinting

Have you thought about getting your windows tinted? Whether it’s for your car or your truck, window tinting can help protect the interior of your automobile. Numerous state laws have to do with window tinting, namely how dark you can make your glass. Even if you think you know plenty about window tinting, there’s always more for you to learn.

It’s Older Than You Think

Window tinting for cars and trucks first became commercially available around the time of World War II. Early window tinting sprays for home users tried to copy the same technology that manufacturers used. These new products were unreliable and mostly ineffective, not to mention messy. But years passed before advances in technology gave rise to improved vehicle window tinting.


In the 1950s, drag racers would use colored plexiglas on their hot rods. The colored plexiglas mimicked the look of window tinting and looked incredible, but all the same, the plexiglas wasn’t the same as actual tinted glass. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this just didn’t work out.

Modern Advances in Window Tinting

It wasn’t until the 1960s that a breakthrough arrived. Retail-sold window films were an innovation considered superior to the spray-on products initially available. But these new window films were formulated with special dyes that would eventually fade to an odd purplish color. Hot and humid weather would also cause the window films to start bubbling. In response to the discoloration problem, the next wave of window tinting products was reformulated with metal particles added to the dye. While the particles stopped the weird discoloration, they caused another unexpected problem. This unexpected problem appeared in the form of electronic interference. Onboard electronics are an essential component of any automobile, so if you have any trouble with your GPS or your car radio, now you might know why. The metallic dye can even affect your cell phone! Modern window tinting uses nanotechnology to prevent electronic interference and potential discoloration.     


It’s Legal Everywhere

Did you know that window tinting is legal in every state? As we touched upon above, there are many local laws and regulations regarding window tints. You’ll have to obey all of these laws, so if you’re wondering how dark you can make your tint, consult your state’s laws about visible light transmission percentage, or VLT. A simple online search can tell you all need to know about VLT levels and limits.


For All of Your Truck Needs

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