4 Must-Have Gadgets To Avoid Icy Windshields 

What is the worst part about leaving your house in the morning? Having to stand in the freezing cold temperatures while scraping the ice off your windshield.

But thanks to Trick Trucks, this routine suffering will be a thing of the past. Invest in these four must-have gadgets to avoid future icy windshields.

icy windshields

Remote Starters

With countless benefits, remote starters are becoming standard features in the latest car models. During the harsh winter months, remote starters can be imperative to both vehicle and driver health. A remote starter allows drivers to start their vehicles without even having to go outside.

Drivers can remotely start their vehicles, which allows more time for the vehicle to warm up and defrost. In colder weather, the vehicle’s engine and oil will need more time to warm up, in order to operate properly.

The defroster can also be enabled from the remote starter, which will ensure a defrosted windshield by the time you have to leave.

Another added bonus is a warm and comfortable interior as soon as the driver enters the vehicle.

De-Icing Windshield Spray

There is nothing worse than tirelessly scraping snow off your vehicle only to discover a second layer of ice coating your windshield.

A de-icing spray is a perfect solution to quickly reducing ice and frost on your windshield. The spray combines an ice-melting formula with repellent to effectively melt away ice, snow, and frost while preventing refreeze.

Refreezing, or re-icing, poses a serious threat to drivers as it produces a fog or glare on the windshield. A windshield de-icing spray serves to solve two problems in one, without harming the exterior of your vehicle.

Cold Weather Rated Windshield Washer Fluid

Similar to the de-icing spray, cold weather rated washer fluid also serves to rid windshields of ice and snow. Rather than coming in a spray bottle, washer fluid can be poured directly into the vehicle’s reservoir to use when necessary.

Once in the vehicle, drivers can spray the windshield fluid as normal and watch as the solution quickly works to remove ice.

Windshield Cover

The best way to prevent icy windshields is by keeping them covered. The heavyweight polyester design offers a durable, easy to use, and frost-resistant windshield cover. Held in place by magnets, straps, or door flaps, these covers can be easily installed and removed within minutes.

Another great gadget to consider is side mirror covers – they completely cover the entirety of the mirror to prevent frost and ensure safe driving.

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