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Get Rid of Your Dealer’s License Plate Frame Already

license plate frame
Don’t let a dealer slap an advertisement for their business on YOUR new car!

You just went through the excruciating two hour experience of dealing with a car salesman as he tries to sell you on just about every warranty, window and tire package under the sun. You’ve finally closed the deal, and the dealer slaps a license plate frame advertising their business on YOUR new car!

From the dealers perspective, this makes perfect sense. Throw on enough plate frames and you’ve got yourself tons of free advertising just cruising around the city every day. But as a car buyer, it’s complete nonsense. You’ve sunk a ton of money into buying something new, stylish and clean. There’s no reason to drive it around with a cheap advertisement hanging from the back for the people who sold it to you. That would be like buying a new suit and keeping the tags. It’s tacky!

Legal Implications

But if that’s not enough reason to ditch the dealer’s frame, another thing you should consider is that in many jurisdictions these plate frames are actually illegal. It is against the law to block out the state name, state slogan, or the license plate’s expiration date. Many dealership plate frames just want to cram in more information about their business, meaning that you may actually be violating the law by keeping their obnoxious plate frame around. And while this issue is rarely enforced, no one wants to give police another excuse to pull you over.

Practical Reasons for a License Plate Frame

Okay, so now that you’ve ditched your dealer’s license plate frame, now what? Well, there are some actual practical reasons for owning a license plate frame. Many license plates are thin and not very sturdy, so just about anything will bend them. Your local car wash, for example, can cause the edges of your plate to bend inward. A license plate frame will prevent that from happening. Plus, license plate frames can look attractive and unique, so long as they aren’t being used to advertise some crummy dealership. Choose one that will give your vehicle a distinct look without covering up the important details.

License Plate Frames from Trick Trucks

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