How To Get Your Vehicle College Ready

Believe it or not, the start of a new school year is just around the corner. These past few weeks have most likely been spent planning and packing as you slowly check off items on your to-do list. But, before the first day of class begins, Trick Trucks is here to remind you about one final task to accomplish before heading off to college. Here are the three most significant tips to get your vehicle ready for college.

Vehicle College

Vehicle Inspection

Once the new school year begins, college students will be too busy worrying about studying and exams to worry about car troubles. That is why it is imperative that vehicles should be thoroughly inspected, and the proper tune-ups should be performed. These preventative measures ensure the vehicle is safe and sound before the college student heads off to campus.

Be Prepared

Being prepared doesn’t just mean packing all the college essentials, it means be prepared for any situation that may arise. Car problems are never fun, but especially not for college-bound students. In this technological-advanced age, students have become overly reliant on smartphones and Wi-Fi compatible devices.

But you cannot always count on these devices to be around and fully charged when an emergency arises. That is why it is so important to keep copies of important telephone numbers and paperwork in the glove box in case of breakdown or emergency.

An important aspect of preparedness comes from keeping a fully stocked and functional emergency kit in your vehicle. Whether you choose to build your own kit or purchase one, the items included are generally identical.

An ideal vehicle emergency kit for any college student includes the following: extra charger cables for all devices, flares, basic first-aid materials, tools to change a tire, a change of clothes and shoes, jumper cables, and a heavy blanket.

With this level of preparedness, we can prevent all college students from being stranded or in jeopardy in a dangerous situation.

Car Wash and Detail

An important aspect of being prepared for college is being mentally prepared. Having a clean vehicle helps relieve stress and maintain a clear headspace as you travel to school. A thorough clean and wax does more than just help the driver, it helps to maintain the vehicles good condition.

For example, waxing the exterior serves to protect the vehicles paint from damages incurred by harsh weather conditions. A routine cleaning will keep your interior from degrading, which will save you from future expenses for replacements and upgrades.

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