Our Guide To The Perfect Roof Rack

For many drivers, their vehicle is the means to an adventure. Whether that adventure is simply driving to work every day or as extensive as taking a journey cross-country, the vehicle should fit the needs of the driver, not the other way around. Customizing your vehicle with an appropriate roof rack ensures drivers do not have to compromise when it comes time for their next adventure.

roof rack


Crossbars consist of two bars that run across the width of the vehicle’s roof. These crossbars serve as the basis for all other activity-specific mounts, including bike racks, kayak racks, and ski racks. By supporting the weight of these mounted items, the crossbars serve to protect your roof from any dents and dings.

The best part about crossbars is their versatility and functionality. Not only can drivers comfortably carry all their gear, but the bars are strategically positioned as to not impede the rest of the vehicle’s components. This means drivers can still utilize their sunroof and open their trunk.

Cargo basket

Cargo baskets are perfect for any drivers looking to maximize storage space. This particular roof rack received its name from its open-top basket-like design – consisting of metal bars on both the bottom and sides.

The design of the cargo basket allows drivers to store a variety of belongings, such as luggage, coolers, chairs, and tents. The metal side rails provide plenty of tie-down points to ensure cargo is secured the entirety of the trip.

This addition serves to instantly free up valuable space inside the vehicle to make for more comfortable adventures.

Kargomaster ladder rack

If you own a truck or utility van, then a Kargo Master ladder rack is likely the perfect fit for your vehicle needs. This roof rack is customizable to fit any vehicle in order to maximize cargo capacity. Heavy-duty crossbars will protect your vehicle against any damages while working to support your cargo.

For an even easier cargo loading experience, the Kargo Master ladder rack comes complete with a rear roller bar. This roller bar allows drivers to easily load and unload heavy and bulky items. All you have to do is lean the cargo against the rear roller bar, begin pushing the item onto the roof of the vehicle, and the roller will guide the item into place. The bar prevents the items from scratching against the side or top of the vehicle when loading or unloading.

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