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Help! My Truck is Rusting!

Help! My Truck is Rusting!
When treated correctly and caught early, rust can be kept at bay, and you can keep your truck on the road longer.

Has your truck been cursed with a red tint of rust? Often, perfectly working cars find themselves in an early retirement because of the appearance of this red blight. But, when treated correctly and caught early, rust can be kept at bay, and you can keep your truck on the road longer. The first step to fighting rust on the run is to know the different types of rusting processes so that you can address them adequately. One of the best ways to stop rust is to take preventative measures, wash your car as often as possible especially if you live in an area that uses a lot of road salt. Additionally, make sure to routinely check that the drain holes at the bottoms of rocker panels and doors are kept clear so that they can remain dry.

Surface Rust

Often surface rust is the first to appear, making its mark in any dings, knicks or scratches your car’s finish may have. Because most cars are made with a mix of iron and carbon rust can begin to penetrate quickly if left untreated. To remove surface rust, you must first sand the affected area to remove the damage when bright, clean metal is visible apply a primer and paint. Finish by adding a clear coat and then buffing the area to blend.

Scale Rust

When the chemical process of rust begins to corrupt the surface of your vehicle, it can reduce the strength of the metal and cause damage. This process happens faster in cold climates, mostly because of the conjunction with the use of road salts. To fix scale rust, you must start by using a wire brush and then a grinding wheel before using sandpaper to get a smooth surface. Finally, you can add your primer, paint, and clear coat.

Penetrating Rust

When rust has been left for too long, it can begin to penetrate through the metal and cause brittleness, oxidation, and the formation of holes. While manufacturers take steps to avoid this when a vehicle is not treated correctly these issues can occur. If you have sections of the car that have begun to have holes due to rust your options are far more limited. You can try to replace panels or patch the holes, but it’s possible that the integrity of the car has been compromised. In this case, it is best to have the truck inspected and repaired by a professional.  

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