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High-Tech Car Accessories To Upgrade Your Ride

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle, but aren’t ready to trade it in just yet, these high-tech car accessories are just for you. With these gadgets, even the oldest car will feel brand new.

Tracking System

Nowadays, every phone carrier has their own device to add connectivity to an older model vehicle. These devices give drivers one-touch access to roadside assistance and emergency help in the event of an accident.

High Tech Car AccessoriesThe system also provides location services, allowing drivers to track the vehicle using the corresponding smartphone app. This is extremely helpful if your vehicle is ever stolen or you simply lose it in a parking garage.

Gone are the days of having to remember every single service date because the system is able to provide maintenance reminders. It also monitors fuel economy, battery charge level, and temperature in order to notify you of any issues.

Depending on your preferred wireless carrier, you can choose between the Hum by Verizon, T-Mobile SyncUp Drive, Sprint Drive, or AT&T Spark.

Garmin Speak Plus

If you are looking to invest in your vehicle’s security, look no further than the Garmin Speak Plus. This inconspicuous dash cam not only records the outside of the car, but the inside as well. Every recording is stored on your smartphone, allowing you to view the videos from anywhere at any time – simply connect your device to the Garmin Drive app.

In addition to its dash cam functionality, Garmin Speak Plus also offers Alexa integration. This allows drivers to use voice commands to control navigation, music, and phone calls. Drivers are also able to ask Alexa to do just about anything an at-home virtual assistant can do, such as start a dash cam recording, check the weather, add items to the shopping list, or start directions.

The device also displays warnings, including lane departure, front-side collision, and distance.

Vivint Car Guard

Another great device used for car monitoring is the Vivint Car Guard. It uses GPS and cellular technology to track your vehicle’s location so you know whether it is parked or being driven.

The Vivint Car Guard is built with a three-axis accelerometer, which detects bumps, break-ins, towing, and other disturbances. If your vehicle has been bumped or moved, the device will send you an alert. Drivers will also receive alerts for routine maintenance and erratic driving moves, such as speeding and harsh braking.

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

One of the biggest perks of newer car models is the tire pressure gauge. Rather than relying on visual clues, the sensor automatically monitors all four tires and alerts the driver to low pressure.

Luckily, there is now a high-tech car accessory that does just this. The Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor sends tire pressure and temperature information directly to your smartphone so you can avoid flats and leaks. Properly inflated tires are not only safer to drive on, but also help you save on fuel.

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