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How Old Is Your Truck?

How Old Is Your Truck?
Consider for a minute how old your truck is, or how old your vehicle is.Oil changes are a vital part of keeping your truck running smoothly.

Consider for a minute how old your truck is, or how old your vehicle is. Older cars and trucks are going to be needed even more maintenance than newer models. At some point, it might be a better idea to replace your ride with something sleeker and newer. In the meantime, here’s how to take care of your truck when it has plenty of mileage on it.

Monitor the Oil

Oil changes are a vital part of keeping your truck running smoothly. In general, you should get your oil changed every time you reach the next 3000-mile plateau. But if your truck is more than ten years old, then this benchmark will be different. Instead, bring it to the dealer or the auto shop every 1500 miles instead.

Conduct Tune-ups

Likewise, be sure to get tune-ups done regularly. You would go to the doctor if you’re feeling sick, and you’d take your pet to the vet if they weren’t feeling well either. Your car or truck should be no different. During your next tuneup, be sure to have your brakes and airbags checked. These safety features are crucial when it comes to avoiding an accident, or minimizing the damage when the worst happens, and you get into a collision with another driver.

Talk to Your Mechanic

Your mechanic will know what is best for your aging ride. For instance, they can help you diagnose problems with the engine. You might think that seeing 10,000 miles on your odometer is alarming. That’s pretty low considering your engine might have logged at least that much without any trouble. But once you climb above 50,000 miles, that’s where problems will start to become more frequent. For instance, your engine can’t run if something is wrong with the spark plugs, so have your plugs inspected. You will also want to be sure your air filters are clean. All the air conditioning in your truck won’t help if it’s only blowing dirty air in your face.

Look at the Tires

Lastly, make sure you examine the condition of your truck’s tires. Check on them once every week, because old tires tend to lose pressure more quickly. You can also want to make sure that the treads aren’t too worn down since stripped tire treads do not gain as much traction to the ground as new tire treads will.  

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