Truck Suspension Lift Kit

How to Choose a Lift Kit for Your Jeep?

Lift kit
A lift kit will give your Jeep a new seat in life!

Everyone loves to be higher than the small cars you speed past on the highway. But if you have a high Jeep, why do you need a lift kit? Before you decide to get a lift kit, we need to talk about what your Jeep is going to be used for. Let’s take a look at what size lift kit you’ll need as well as what your Jeep will be used for.

How to Choose a Lift Kit?

The first step to deciding on the size lift kit you will need is to decide what your vehicle will be used for. For most people, a Jeep is a combination vehicle. It is used for off-road driving, camping, for your daily commute, and maybe a little towing. If you are looking for a suspension lift kit, for this multi-use vehicle, the goal is to find the perfect balance between drivability on the road and off-road suspension. But the suspension is just one part of choose a lift kit. You should also address the vehicle’s wheels and tires as well as the drive train. These three systems work together at all times to provide your Jeep with the best traction possible. To help determine the size lift kit you need ask yourself these three things: what will my Jeep be used for? What size and type of tires would you like? And what are you willing to spend on a lift kit?

Size of Your Jeep Lift Kit

Lift kits come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The smaller lift kits will give you just a little more clearance while allowing you to run 31-inch tires. This type of lift kit will consist of coil spacers that are placed under the stock springs to give your Jeep a little more height in front with long shackles in the rear. Another option is to go with blocks in the rear if you have new or strong springs. This kit will give you a 1.5 to 2-inch lift. Medium lifts are the next in size and are the best choice for most “wheelers.” This type of kit offers a good tire clearance while giving you a good handle on the road while driving. The tire size of this kit ranges 32 to 34 inches. These kits often come with new shocks but may require new wheel spaces or longer brake lines. You will get a lift of 2 to 3.5 inches with this kit. A larger lift kit typically means a more aggressive look while having amazing off-road performance. But with this kit, you will be able to maintain a stock on-road ride. Larger lift kits typically come with a bunch of new parts, which calls for a professional installation. This kit will give you 35 or more inch tires. These kits are geared toward the off-road experience more than on-road driving. For more information on having your lift kit professionally installed, call Trick Trucks!

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