How to Choose the Perfect Trailer Hitch

When selecting the right trailer hitch for your truck the most important thing to consider is what you will be using it for. As this article from Car Accessories Magazine explains, there are many things to think about when buying your hitch. The key is to find a hitch that fits with the towing capacity of your truck and is strong enough to handle the weight of your trailer.


One of the first things you should determine when purchasing your truck hitch is the maximum weight and towing capacity of your vehicle. There are two types of hitch accessory for your truck. The first is for bigger payloads. The weight-distributing hitch has an attachment that slides into the receiver. It has two spring bars that provides leverage to the pulling vehicle. The other type if the weight-carrying hitch that does not have an attachment. This type is better for lighter carrying loads.


After you have decided what type of hitch would be best for your vehicle it is time to install. Most hitches should not need drill or welding equipment. Be sure when you are installing that the hitch clears the spare tire, suspension component and the tailpipe. It is also important for the distance from the ground to the inside top of the ball coupling to be the same as the distance from the ground to the receiver.


If needed consult your local truck experts like Trick Trucks for any additional help or advice on your truck accessories!