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How to Install a Bike and Kayak Roof Rack

bike and kayak roof rack
In this week’s blog, we’ll instead focus on how to install a bike and kayak roof rack.

In last week’s blog, we covered how to install a roof rack onto your vehicle. This week, we’ll go into some more detail. How so? In this week’s blog, we’ll instead focus on how to install a bike and kayak roof rack.

That is to say, how to install a bike roof rack, and how to install a kayak roof rack. Spring is now upon us, so get outdoors more! Biking and kayaking are surefire ways to get fresh air once warmth returns to our neck of the woods again.  


How to Install a Bike Roof Rack

In order to install a bike roof rack, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Like learning how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget just how to install a bike roof rack. There are two main types of bike roof rack. The first is called hitch bike rack, and the other is called a roof bike rack. Hitch bike racks slide directly into the hitch receiver on your vehicle. A roof bike rack however works with your vehicle’s existing roof rack.
  • Consider the model of your vehicle: Trucks will have a hitch mounted bike rack, or you could always simply choose to throw your bikes in the back bed of the truck. Since trucks tend to have high roofs, they will have a hitch receiver. Other models, such as smaller cars, for instance, will have something different. As smaller cars typically don’t have hitch receivers, they will instead be equipped with bike roof racks.
  • Features of the bike rack: Consider the features of the bike rack itself. While different name brands of bike rack have different features, you’ll want to pick the one that best suits you, your personality, and what you need the bike rack for.


How to Install a Kayak Roof Rack

Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re looking to install a kayak roof rack:

  • Type of vehicle: Vehicle height is a major factor in installing a kayak roof rack. Ask yourself, will it be too much of a hassle to load kayaks on your car?
  • Number of kayaks: How many kayaks you plan on carrying will depend on what you want to do and how big your vehicle is.
  • Roof Types: As we’ve said, the type of vehicle you have heavily affects your ability to transport a kayak. Consider shapes, designs, and sizes of your intended vehicle’s roof type.
  • The kayak itself: Since every kayak is different, you will want to remember that fact. Width, length, and depth of your kayak all matter, too.

For All of Your Truck’s Bike and Kayak Roof Rack Needs

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