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How to Install a Roof Rack

Install a roof rack
How would you install a roof rack?

As the weather warms up, you’ll want to get outside more and more often. With so much more inclination for activities, what can you do? How would you install a roof rack? How do you go about it? In this blog we will explain not only how to install a roof rack, but how to attach some accessories for the roof rack, too.


Different Ways to Install a Roof Rack

  • What to do for a naked roof: A naked roof is a vehicle’s roof that does not come with a pre-installed rack. To install a roof rack on a naked roof, you will need a few things. First, you will need a foot pack, a fit-kit, and some crossbars. These elements will come together to form a completed roof rack.
  • For Fit-kits: A fit-kit, as the name implies, is custom-built. They are designed to specifically fit onto the roof of your car, truck, or vehicle. With custom design, they can find the best onto your roof. Also, foot packs connect the fit-kits to the crossbars.
  • Factory Mount: Certain vehicles are already equipped with roof racks. These are called factory mount roof racks. You might recognize them if your vehicle has square covers made of either metal or plastic. Use a screwdriver to remove these covers. Underneath, you should find a threaded mount hole built in and waiting for you.
  • Raised Roof: Some vehicles, like sport utility vehicles (SUVs) or minivans have raised roof rails. With a raised roof, the foot pack is designed to go on a bit differently. The foot packs connect above and below the roof rail. This way, the foot packs should form a sandwich with the crossbars.


Installing a Roof Rack and Accessories

You can also install roof racks in order to install accessories. What accessories are these? Bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, skis, and snowboards. Any outdoor activity you can think of, you can attach them to your car.

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