How to Install a Truck Bed Cap

Truck bed caps are great for not only adding cash value to your pickup, but also aesthetic value, while making it increasingly easier to protect your precious cargo. These caps are designed for specific makes and models, so be sure to purchase the right cap for your truck. Quality truck caps will come with their own aluminum clamps and will not require drilling into the bed rails to secure them (Newer truck caps have a high mount brake light and some have interior lamps that may require drilling a small enough hole to run wiring to the rear taillight assembly).

Now that you have purchased your truck bed cap, it is time to install it. This article from breaks down the installation process step by step.

1. Spread a large blanket out onto a soft area such as a lawn or unpaved surface.

2. Have an assistant help your flip the truck cap over on its top and onto the surface of the blanket.

3. Apply the adhesive foam weather-stripping to the edges around the entire bottom of the truck cap except the rear door/window. Make sure the sticky side goes to the cap bottom. Access the type of truck you have. Some models may have a lower bed rail located behind the cab of the truck, which will require additional padding to fill in the spacing gap.

4. Open the tailgate to your pickup truck.

5. Have the assistant help your flip the cap back over and carefully place it onto the bed of the truck. Be careful to watch your fingers. Walk with the cap aligned properly as it will lie onto the truck bed and approach the truck from behind, with each of you on either side of the cap. Walk forward until you can rest the cap onto the bed rails.

6. Align the cap to the truck bed.

7. Crawl into the back of the pickup with two of the aluminum hardware clamps. Align the clamps as close to the front of the truck bed as possible and tighten them using the ratchet and a socket. For now, just make them hand-tight in case they need to be adjusted as you move along with the steps to install.

8. Close the tailgate to make sure the rear window of the cap can close properly. If necessary, make adjustments to the cap alignment. Once you’ve achieved the proper alignment, you should be able to close the rear window and apply the locking device by its handle.

9. Crawl back into the back of the truck with the two remaining aluminum hardware clamps. Position the clamps so that they are as close to the rear of the truck as possible on the bed rails and tighten securely with the ratchet and socket.

10. Tighten down the front two clamps securely.

11. Drill a small hole, if necessary, near the left rear taillight assembly. Make the hole big enough to fit the wiring of the cap.

12. Thread the cap wire into the hole, then remove the rear taillight assembly from the truck to locate the wiring. Locate the brake wire to cut, strip, and butt connect the high mount brake light. Locate the running light wire (if applicable) to cut, strip, and butt connect the cap interior light to.

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