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How to Install Driving Lights

Driving Lights
Driving lights are a great option for drivers who do a good portion of their driving after the sun sets.

Driving lights are a great option for drivers who do a good portion of their driving once the sun sets. The can improve your peripheral and forward vision and add additional value to your car or truck. Driving lights are extra-powerful lights installed on the front of your car that are wired to turn on when the high beam switch or button is flicked. How can you save some money and install driving lights on your own?

Which Light Should You Choose?

There are many different brands and styles of driving lights currently on the market, so do your research and choose a pair with good reviews from a quality manufacturer. Driving lights are usually categorized in watts—the brighter the bulb, the higher the wattage. Driving lights are either halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, or high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs.

Gather Your Supplies

Check your state restrictions to see if there are limits to where you can mount your driving lights before you get started. Some drivers choose a light mounting bar to make the process simpler. You’ll need to purchase the pair of driving lights and a wiring-loom kit for the installation.

Get the Job Done

Follow the following quick steps to mount your new driving lights:

  1. Find a place to mount the switch on your dashboard, like a pop-out compartment.
  2. Mount the relay in your engine bay as close to the battery as you can. Avoid any areas that will deal with a lot of exhaust or heat.
  3. Connect a ground wire from the relay you mounted to the chassis. Make sure that you have a good connection by removing any excess rust, paint, or grime from the area.
  4. Run a wire from one terminal on the dashboard switch to the firewall, to the high-beam wire on the headlight. Do the same with the wire out of the relay to the firewall and the dashboard switch.
  5. Run a wire from the relay to the driving lights and the battery wire to the battery (with a fuse between the two).
  6. Try out your headlights, your driving lights, your normal high beams, and whether or not your dashboard switch is working properly.
  7. Let your light(s) shine!

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