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How to Keep Your Truck Cool this Summer

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It’s going to be a hot summer, so it’s important to find ways to keep your truck cool.

It’s hot outside! The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory warning yesterday, and it seems likely that we will continue to see some extraordinarily hot days this summer. Did you know that when it is just 80 degrees fahrenheit the temperature inside your truck can reach over 120 degrees? That is because sunlight gets trapped inside, and the heat will not only make driving miserable but can damage your interior as well. Here are just a few ways you can keep your truck cool this summer.

Keeping the Engine Cool

Check your vehicle’s coolant. Antifreeze keeps your engine from running hotter than it should, and you could have a problem if your coolant levels get too low. Use your air conditioning sparingly. Remember that your air conditioning runs off the truck’s engine, and it must work harder to pump out cold air into your truck’s interior.

Keeping Your Interior Cool

Car and truck windows have been known to shatter in extraordinarily high heat conditions. Crack your windows an inch or so, even when parked, to let hot air escape. This is especially important if you plan to park somewhere that provides little shade. You may also want to tweak your vent settings. Remember that hot air rises, so setting your climate controls to push fresh air through the footwell vents is a good idea. If you have a sunroof, use it! You can also attach ice packs to the front of your vents to achieve cooler air.

Check Your Tires

People often overlook tires as a heat source. Tires spin rapidly against very hot pavement, creating a lot of heat. It’s important to keep your tires from getting too hot, and the best way to do this is by making sure your tires are always inflated properly. Poorly inflated tires create more friction when they spin, resulting in more heat and wear.

Tinted Windows

Although window shades are helpful when your truck is parked, they cannot be used while driving. Tinted windows are a great solution for keeping your truck or car cool while you’re on the move. Tinted windows allow light to pass through so that you can see, but also bounces some off, which should help reduce the temperature of your interior.

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