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How to Make Sure Your Truck’s AC is Working

How to Make Sure Your Truck’s Air Conditioning is Working Properly
When something goes wrong with your truck’s air conditioning, it can easy to panic.

Let’s say you climb in your truck early in the morning once you’re ready to face the day. It’s still dark, and the morning is crisp, so you turn on the heater. Then you get to your destination, and everything still seems fine. Once you’re done, it’s hot outside. That’s when you discover the air conditioning failed. Here’s how you can avoid this nightmare scenario.

Identify Signs of Trouble

When something goes wrong with your truck’s air conditioning, it can easy to panic. After all, if you were preparing to go on a long road trip, you’d want to be able to keep the windows down, at least sometimes. That’s one solution when you find that the A/C isn’t functional. Even so, ask yourself one question: what will do you do if you encounter bad weather? These are some of the first signs you’ll see when your air conditioning is in trouble:

  • Ice in the compressor
  • Odd sounds when you switch the air conditioning on
  • Condensation inside the windows and windshield
  • There’s no cold air, or it is a weak flow

Inspect Condenser Problems

Your first thought might be to consult your most trusted mechanics. But if you have a little bit of automotive know-how, you can take matters into your hands. Start by inspecting the condenser of your air conditioning unit. By doing this, you can find any problems affecting its performance, such as dust buildup. Get rid of any dust that is clogging your condenser.

Look for Refrigerant Leaks

Once you have determined that the condenser is fine, you still have a ways to go. Look out for possible refrigerant leaks, since a leak like this can be extremely toxic to anyone around you, namely your pets. You need to determine how much refrigerant you have left. If there’s not enough, then it’s a sign you will need some professional help to restore it to normal. Once that’s been taken care of, your truck’s air conditioning should work as you expect again. No matter what car, truck, or SUV you drive, don’t hesitate to bring it into Trick Trucks for us to have a look before you go off to that big music festival three states away!

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