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How To Protect Your Truck’s Undercarriage from Salt

In the winter, one of your main concerns for your truck is the affect of road salt on the undercarriage. The body is well protected from road salt with protective coatings and paint, but the protect truck undercarriage saltundercarriage is exposed to the road, which means salt can get in. Over time, this salt eats away at exposed metal in the undercarriage and causes it to rust. Rusty parts can fail, and this can be especially dangerous when it comes to the brake and fuel lines, both of which are located in the undercarriage. To protect your truck’s undercarriage from road salt, follow the two W’s: Wash and Wax.


The easiest way to get salt out from your truck’s undercarriage is to wash it. And the cheapest way to do this is to use a simple garden hose. Take the hose, get under the truck, and spray into the undercarriage. It’s a dirty job but it will get rid of the salt. Many gas stations and body shops also offer car washes that clean the undercarriage. Either method will clean your undercarriage and remove the salt, but the first is definitely the cheaper option. If you go with a car wash, you should avoid ones that use recycled water, because it will be salty. It’s a good idea to wash the undercarriage before and after the winter, and after snowstorms if possible.

Wax (Sealant)

Wax and other sealants create a protective barrier on your undercarriage that prevents salt from accumulating in the first place. The best time to wax your truck is before the winter begins, because you don’t want to seal in salt and debris that’s already there. However you can seal the undercarriage during the winter after a thorough cleaning.

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