How To Safely Drive In The Snow

Driving in snowy conditions and on ice-covered roads is never an ideal situation. The mix of precipitation and fog can reduce visibility and make it harder to control the vehicle. Even the best drivers in the most-prepared vehicles still need to follow these tips and tricks to safely drive in the snow.

Look Ahead

When road conditions are bad, drivers should always pay close attention and look farther down the road. Be on the lookout for patches of ice or snow, and proceed through these areas with extreme caution.

snowDo not be afraid to drive below the speed limit – higher speeds will only further increase your chances of losing traction or control of the vehicle. When taking turns, slow down and take your foot off the accelerator. When braking, allow for at least double the stopping distance your vehicle normally needs.

Heed Flashing Lights

One of the most important dashboard lights in your vehicle is the stability-control system warning. This is a small, amber light that is in the shape of a vehicle with squiggly lines behind it.

The stability-control system warning is designed to indicate that the vehicle is losing traction, which means your wheels are slipping. If the light starts blinking, the driver should immediately ease back on the accelerator. This will allow the tires to regain their grip on the road.

Clean Your Car

Before pulling out of your driveway, it is crucial to clean the entirety of your vehicle. While it might seem convenient and time-efficient to only clear off your windows and windshields, drivers should also remove all snow from the roof.

If not, snow can slide from a vehicle’s roof during travel. If the snow slides forward, it could cover the front of your windshield and completely block your vision. If the snow slides backwards, it could blow onto other vehicles, potentially leading to accidents.

Prepare For The Road

During the winter months, it is always a good idea to keep your gas tank at least half full. This will be extremely beneficial if you happen to get stranded or stuck in a snowstorm. Drivers should also make sure their tires are properly inflated – cold weather can decrease your tire pressure over time.

It is always good to be prepared for any scenario, which is why Trick Trucks recommends keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle. The kit should be complete with flashlight, first aid items, nonperishable foods, warm clothing, cell phone charger, and water. Drivers should also pack emergency supplies, including tire chains, ice scraper, and spare tire.

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