The 3 Most Common Illegal Vehicle Customizations 

Since our opening in 1974, Trick Trucks has proudly been servicing and customizing our client’s vehicles. Each owner has envisioned their dream, and our team is here to make that happen. Head-turning customizations are our specialty, but we are proud to state we take great measures to ensure our conversions are legal, and most importantly, safe. To ensure the safety of our customers, Trick Trucks has put together a list of the top ten most common illegal vehicle customizations.

illegal vehicle customizations

Illegal Vehicle Suspension

A standard lift kit serves to increase ground clearance while offering an aesthetically-pleasing aggressive look. But, as with all modifications, too high of a suspension will go beyond what the law allows. Laws regarding suspension heights vary state by state, but the fact of the matter is, lifted trucks pose dangers to both the driver and other motorists.

Lifted trucks have an increased risk of rollover and increase the time it takes to come to a full stop. Since the front bumper on a lifted truck aligns with the top of a compact vehicle, a collision might prove deadly for the passengers of the compact vehicle.

In addition to an illegal vehicle customizations suspension, an illegally lowered suspension is just as dangerous. Low suspension serves to achieve faster speeds, but it will also result in exterior frame and tire damages.

Exterior Neon Lights

Many drivers are attracted to the look of neon LED lights under the body of a vehicle. Just as pedestrians or bike-riders attach reflectors to themselves during travel, the appeal of underflow neon lights stems from the alleged safety advantages.

The lights help vehicles remain visible to other motorists at night, but they also distract other drivers and even disrupt their vision.

Some states allow the use of neon lights on private roads, as long as they do not flash or imitate the colors of police or emergency vehicles.

Modified Headlights/ Taillights

Brighter bulbs in your headlights might help drivers see better at night, but they will virtually blind motorists driving in the other direction. Colored LED lights are not only distracting to other drivers but if installed incorrectly, can leak or fog.

The most popular tail light modification involves having them blacked out or adding tinted lights, both of which are highly illegal. Dimming your tail lights is just as bad as having broken or faulty brake lights – other drivers will not be able to determine if your vehicle is stopped or slowing down.

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