Is A Dash Cam Worth It?

You might think that dash cams are only for law enforcement officers or carriers, but they can be beneficial to all types of drivers. If you are considering investing in a dash cam for your vehicle, here are all the reasons that make dash cams worth it. 

Concrete Evidence of Accidents

One of the greatest advantages to installing a dash cam is capturing important evidence when involved in an accident. Normally, the drivers involved would have to give a verbal account of the incident, which is not always truthful or accurate. 

With a dash cam, you will have a recording of the incident that shows exactly what happened. A majority of cameras even have time stamps to give more details and insights. This will be extremely useful footage for both authorities and insurance companies. 

Avoid Hit and Runs

Even the safest place for your vehicle can be dangerous at times. Maybe your vehicle gets sideswiped in the parking garage or rear-ended in the parking lot. With a dash cam, you can protect yourself against hit and runs even if you are not there to witness it. 

A dash cam can be set to record 24/7 or even set to start recording when it detects motion. This means that no matter what, you will be able to catch the person who damaged your vehicle. 

Protect Other Drivers

There are over a hundred car accidents every day, so chances are, you will be a direct witness to one at some point. Mounting the dash cam on your windshield or dashboard will allow you to provide valuable footage of the accident. Even though you are not involved in the accident, thankfully, you will be able to help the innocent party.

Report Bad Driving

Encountering a reckless driver can be a terrifying experience. A drunk or distracted driver who can not stay in their lane is not only a danger to themselves, but all the other vehicles around them. A dash cam will provide you with the footage you need to report this driver to the police.

This is also useful when you come across a company vehicle that is not practicing safe driving. Most company trucks or vehicles have bumper stickers that read “How’s My Driving?” followed by a phone number. Even though this is a great idea in theory, it is nearly impossible to safely record this number or contact the number while driving. 

Dash cams will not only record footage of the vehicle’s poor driving, it will also allow you to safety record the number to call at a later time. All you have to do is review the footage to get the company number.

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