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Keep Your Car or Truck Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car or Truck Cool This Summer
Whatever you drive, keep your car or truck cool this summer with these great tips.

Early June still doesn’t feel like summer. That may continue to be the case until June 21st, the day of the Summer Solstice. While the Solstice marks of the official start of summer, temperatures will be going up steadily. Whatever you drive, keep your car or truck cool this summer with these great tips.

Cover Up Your Windshield

Your windshield and windows work just like the windows on a house. They let you see out, but they also let heat and sunlight in. While this might be comfortably warming on a cooler day, in a heat wave you’ll be less appreciative. Instead, use a sun shade or windshield cover. These decorative screens are made of reflective, foil-like material that can deflect incoming sunlight and protect the cabin of your car or truck.

Defend the Dashboard

You’ll also want to defend the dashboard. Dashboard covers work much like windshield covers or sun shades do. You can choose a color that matches the rest of your car’s interior, and you can also have to custom-cut to fit properly, no matter the size of your dashboard.

Simmer Down the Steering Wheels

Another part of your cabin that heats up quickly is the steering wheel. Instead of burning your hands, get a steering wheel cover. If your hands are too hurt by the heat, it can be unbelievably painful to even touch something, let alone the steering wheel.

Take the Scorch Out of the Seats

Continuing the theme of interior covers, consider using seat covers. You might enjoy a heated seat when it’s suddenly 50 degrees outside in a ferocious summer thunderstorm. But when conditions are clear and pushing 100 degrees, it’s not so nice. Sunlight can also wear out your seats and fade them, so the covers serve a double purpose.

Full-On Protection For Your Car or Truck

When all else fails, you can always consider this last option. Full-on protection for your car or truck can work. For both indoor and outdoor use, a car cover can keep out the heat, and prevent other environmental hazards like dust or dampness getting on your car or truck as well.

For All of Your Car or Truck Needs

Does your vehicle need help to keep cool this summer? Trick Trucks is happy to service your vehicle and make sure your vehicle is in great shape all year long! With over forty years of experience servicing trucks, we have the expertise and equipment you need. Contact Trick Trucks online or by calling 1-866-60-TRICK. To find out more about our services and trucks, follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.