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What to Know About Your Car Battery

What to Know About Your Car Battery
Don’t get stuck in your driveway or on the roadside on a snowy morning. Learn more about your car’s battery instead.

Your vehicle’s battery is what it needs to turn on. If the engine fails to turn over, then you know something has gone wrong with the car battery. Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs of all makes and models need a properly working battery to get going. Don’t get stuck in your driveway or on the roadside on a snowy morning. Learn more about your car’s battery instead.

When Something Goes Wrong

Does the engine sound cranky? It could be that your car is old. But if it’s not starting up as quickly as it should, then this is the first sign you need to have some professional advice. You’ll need to take a close look and see if the engine has started corroding. If your car’s check engine light has come on unexpectedly, it’s another sign that your car battery is failing.

What Drains the Battery?

So your next question might have to do with what drains the battery. Leaving the headlights on overnight or leaving a power adapter plugged in can both drain the battery when you least expect it. It’s also possible that the wiring has come loose. That’s why whenever you are working with the headlights, or under the hood, you need to be careful not to pull any cables or wires loose that shouldn’t be.

Taking multiple short trips can also drain the car battery, especially if you keep turning the engine on and off. The battery will need some time to be able to recharge so that it can keep running normally. If that doesn’t happen, it will ruin the life of the battery. Now, high temperatures can also wreck the battery, and although you won’t need to worry about it during the winter, it won’t be long until spring and summer come back.

Prolonging Battery Life

When you are parking your car, turn off the engine. Remember to turn off all your lights, both inside and out. Unplug all the power adapters in your car, especially if you’ve been using it to charge your phone while you’re on the go. Don’t idle the car, as this will drain the battery as well.

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